The company offers Engineering Services in Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering. We specializes in:

  1. The Construction and Commissioning if Isolated Diesel Power Stations (Turnkey)
  2. Design, supply and installations of alternative energy of SOLAR, WIND and GEOTHERMAL Power Systems.
  3. Supply, installations and commissioning of Power Electric Generators and associate Equipments.
  4. Construction and commissioning of electric transmission and distribution lines at 330KV, 132KV, 33KV, 11KV and 415KV, and associated sub – stations for both step – up and step – down power stations.
  5. Design and construction of Air – conditioning in homes, offices and industry.
  6. Rehabilitation of electrification projects, equipments and appliances.
  7. Construction of buildings for residential, offices and industries,





MERGER TURNKEYS LTD, as a knowledge driven Electrical and Energy System Engineering outfit whose philosophy of development is service to the society, by constantly researching to improve upon existing technologies and/or create or invent new technologies in pursuance of its article and Memorandum of Association.

We design any size and type of solar power system for you. Our equipment is made and shipped from United State & Germany. It has a 25 year warranty and comes with CE and TUV certificates
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